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[Condor-users] Adjusting machine RANK classad expr based on totalqueue time for a job

I'm toying with adjusting the RANK expression to achieve a more
FIFO-like consideration when condor runs jobs. The idea is to rank jobs
on machines based on their time in the queue. I wanted to bounce the
rank expression and idea off the list. The rank expression for machines
I'm thinking of using is:

RANK = ((TARGET.JobStatus =?= 1) * ((CurrentTime -

This would give a job queued 10 minutes longer than another job a higher
rank on the machine.

The other option is:

RANK = ((CurrentTime - TARGET.QDate)/600)

But this would track cumulative queue time (so if the job queued, ran
for a bit, then got sent back to the queue) right? Or is Qdate reset
every time a job returns to the queue, not just the first time it's
queued up by condor_submit?

Comments? Opinions? Much appreciated.