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[Condor-users] Condorview not showing stats for "Pool Resource(Machine) Statistics" section

I've had CondorView configured correctly and running for a week now. The
links under the "Pool User (Job) Statsitics" section bring up pages that
show the correct data for jobs queued and running and what seems to be
correct data for the users of the system. The links under the "Pool
Resource (Machine) Statistics" section though bring up empty pages --
not the "There is no data for this month" page. But a page that has the
java applet on it, with the four buttons, but absolutly no grid or data
on the grid. I've attached a screen cap of my browser (Firefox 0.10.1)
for clarity.

Is it possible to the Java source for the view applet? I'm not even sure
what data files the applet is reading when it's loaded? I think it's the
(Day|Hour|Month)-<num>.data files, but is it the same data file for the
Job view and the Machine view?

I'm using CondorView 6.4.7 with Condor 6.7.2, all on Linux with glibc


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