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[Condor-users] Package for Debian GNU/Linux

Dear list,

I would like to inform you that Andreas Hirczy still maintains a debian package for the Condor 6.6.X stable series. Add the following line to your sources.list file and call "apt-get update" :

deb http://itp.tugraz.at/Comp/debian/ woody science

There is now also an experimental release (6.7.X) debian package by me. Your APT needs the following configuration line in order to get it:

deb http://www.dcl.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/debian binary/

Both versions now offer a DEBCONF-based configuration during the installation.

It is still the case that Andreas and me mainly use the vanilla universe, so the other functions are poorly tested. For this reason we would be happy about your comments and success / failure reports. It is also planned to put the packages in the official Debian repository (non-free section) sometime in the future.


Peter Tröger.