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Re: [Condor-users] Missing Questions in Windows 6.6.7 installer?


To remove your computer as an execute node, you'll need to edit your 
configuration file (condor_config).  Set the DAEMON_LIST tag to the appropriate values.  If you want to have a submit, 
non-execution node:



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        Subject:        [Condor-users] Missing Questions in Windows 6.6.7 installer?

I just installed 6.6.7 on my Win XP laptop.  I only want it to be a submit 
node.  The question that usually asks something like "What do you want 
this computer to do? - Submit, Execute, or Submit and Execute"  was never 
asked.  Come to think of it there were some other questions too, such as 
info about domains and what computers may control Condor on this computer. 
 Was this a mistake or is there a reason for dropping these? 

How do I make this computer not an execute node after installation?  I 
tried editing the registry and changing bIsExecute to 0, but condor_startd 
still starts up when I reboot.