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Re: [Condor-users] vanilla universe

        java works with windows (and other OSs but we haven't tested it) which
only supports the java universe or the vanilla universe. You can get java to
work by ensuring that you have a JVM installed and configuring condor to find
it. The only problem we had was with encryption of exec jobs. We had to add
local system to the authorized recovery agents for Encrypted File System (EFS).
Otherwise condor couldn't access the java wrapper files - java.start and

For MPI and PVM the docco says you need to  run those universes ie an unclipped
version of condor on a Unix variant. However I noticed that there was a
discussion on this list a little while ago that suggested a partial solution.

Cheers Paul

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Hello ,

Is it possible to run MPI / PVM / JAVA application in
Vanilla universe(6.6.7).

Or Do we need to install different flavours of Condor.
I mean for each envirnoment(MPI,PVM,JAVA) is it just a
configuration setting or different binary for each.

Please clarify.


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