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RE: [Condor-users] RE: Condor, Windows XP,exit codes and theon_exit_remove setting

This is getting closer. I made some small changes and I can not get
things sent up to the Windows 2k executor but I'm seeing this error in
the StaterLog.vm1 log file:

9/2 15:26:48 File transfer completed successfully.
9/2 15:26:49 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 40.0
9/2 15:26:49 IWD: d:\condor/execute\dir_1148
9/2 15:26:49 Output file: d:\condor/execute\dir_1148\wrapper.log
9/2 15:26:49 Error file: d:\condor/execute\dir_1148\wrapper.err
9/2 15:26:49 Renice expr "10" evaluated to 10
9/2 15:26:49 About to exec perl wrapper.pl
9/2 15:26:49 Create_Process: CreateProcess failed, errno=2
9/2 15:26:49 ERROR "Create_Process(perl,condor_exec.exe wrapper.pl
/experiments/ichesal/condor/test/no_sweep_parameter/adc_fir1, ...)
failed" at line 403 in file ..\src\condor_starter.V6.1\os_proc.C
9/2 15:26:49 ShutdownFast all jobs.

Additional insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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>The question that follows as a result of this is: can I have condor 
>transfer data files to the executor but NOT the executable?

Look at the condor_submit manual page, and you'll see--buried amongst
many options--transfer_executable, which you can set to be false:

transfer_executable = false

The documentation says:

>For jobs submitted to the globus universe, as well as vanilla and MPI. 
>transfer_executable is set to False, then Condor looks for the
>on the remote machine, and does not transfer the executable over. This
>useful if you have already pre-staged your executable and wish to have 
>Condor behave more like rsh. Defaults to True. The default value is



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