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RE: [Condor-users] Windows XP service pack 2

Thanks for the suggestions, but adding the five daemons into the
Firewall as exceptions still does not clear the problem.
We are using specific low and high ports in the configuration, which
should work automatically by adding these programs as exceptions. Any
other suggestions would be very much appreciated.

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 11:33:10AM +0100, Wilding, Kevan A wrote:
> Hi,
>    We have condor 6.6.1 running fine at the University of Essex, but 
> since upgrading all the windows machines to service pack 2, it appears

> that connections are being refused. The firewall has been opened to 
> allow condor_submit, which is automatically stated as being blocked 
> when trying to submit a job, but little detail is available about why 
> jobs are not running on the remote machines. The master is a linux 
> box, so this is not the problem, but most of the pool are windows.
>   This all worked fine before upgrading to SP2.

A default XP2 install will break Condor. 

In Condor 6.6.7 we will have added a feature to the condor_master which 
adds the various condor daemons to the "trusted applications" list for 
the firewall. Applications in this list are excepted from the firewall.

Until that release is available, you will have to add the condor daemons

to the trusted list yourself. The netsh command line utility allows you 
to make such additions. Remember to add the condor_master,
condor_startd, condor_schedd, and condor_shadow and condor_starter -
they're transient daemons, but are important. 

UW Madison Condor Team

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