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Re: [Condor-users] How to change condors log file permission settings?


Thanks for the tips.

My problem is this.. user john submits a task to the condor pool.. Linux Condor daemons are run as user "condor". Then i get erros in my Shadow log saying user "condor" doesn;t have permisison to write to the log or error files. When i look, these log and error files owned by user john with read from everyone but only writeable by user john..

Since the condor submit creates the log files this is the program which sets the permissions...so i think i will try your idea of changing the permissions of the binary to see if that makes the log files writeable by user "condor". My only workaround has been running condor daemons as "root" which is not recommended.


Bruce Beckles wrote:

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, John Wheez wrote:

Is there any way to change the permision settings of the log and error files that condor_submit creates from within condor?

This probably *ISN'T* what you want - you don't say what permissions you
want these files to have - but if you want to make the files condor_submit
creates group read and writeable then you can do this by doing the

chgrp <grpname> /path/to/condor_submit
chmod g+s /path/to/condor_submit

...which will then cause condor_submit to create files whose group is
<grpname> and whose group permissions are (rw).  Of course that is no good
if the group of the files needs to be different for each user...

You've probably thought of this, but if it was me then I would write a wrapper script for condor_submit which did the following:

- parsed the submit file to get the name of the error and log files
- called condor_submit passing it the submit file and any command line
 parameters passed by the user
- when condor_submit had finished, changed the permissions on the error
 and log files condor_submit produced

Hope this is not completely useless to you...! :)

-- Bruce

Bruce Beckles,
e-Science Specialist,
University of Cambridge Computing Service.