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Re: [Condor-users] MW writing output to a file on the submit node

Hi Arun,

>    In MW how do I write the output to a separate file other than the output 
> file, because the output file has a lot of debug messages and I dont want all 
> those to appear in the output, which is an input to another condor_dag job.

It's not clear what "output" you mean.  You would like for all MW
messages to go to another stream besides standard output?

My best guess is to look in src/MWprintf.C and modify accordingly.
Maybe just setting the MWprintf_level will accomplish what you want.

Please let me know what functionality we might be able to add to MW to
make it more useful for you.

Best of luck!

Jeff Linderoth				     O: 610-758-4879
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Industrial and Systems Engineering	     jtl3@xxxxxxxxxx
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