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Re: [Condor-users] MW writing output to a file on the submit node

Hi Jeff,

   I just want the results that are printed in the print_results function in 
the driver to go to a separate file, right now, it prints all the debug 
messages alongwith the results. Short of removing all the debug messages 
within the src files is there a simple workaround so the output file shows 
only the results of the tasks so I can just specify the file as input to the 
next job in the dag.

Also I noticed that somewhere in the code, the number of workers has been hard 
coded as 6. I dont remeber offhand where but its in the Comm module somewhere

Also if there is a straightforward mechanism to read the input data for my 
app(just the matrix that I am using) from a file and the file name is 
specified as a parameter in the input file for the condor submit, that would 
be nice. Right now I am generating the input data using a separate program 
and then have to copy all the results into the condor input file and then 
read it into the driver.


On Friday 10 September 2004 02:40 pm, Jeff Linderoth wrote:
> Hi Arun,
> >    In MW how do I write the output to a separate file other than the
> > output file, because the output file has a lot of debug messages and I
> > dont want all those to appear in the output, which is an input to another
> > condor_dag job.
> It's not clear what "output" you mean.  You would like for all MW
> messages to go to another stream besides standard output?
> My best guess is to look in src/MWprintf.C and modify accordingly.
> Maybe just setting the MWprintf_level will accomplish what you want.
> Please let me know what functionality we might be able to add to MW to
> make it more useful for you.
> Best of luck!
> -Jeff

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