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Re: [Condor-users] CORRECTION: Confirming MAX_JOBS_RUNNINGdefaultstoinfinite


Good question. This is all somewhat poorly-documented, or at least not documented clearly in one place.

Technically, the number of shadows != number of jobs running. It depends on the job universe. (The scheduler universe, for example, spawns local jobs under the schedd and does not use a condor_shadow, so it is not constrained by this setting.)

By for practical purposes, yes -- this setting will limit the number of remote jobs that the schedd will allow to be running at a given time. So if you want 1000 concurrent remote jobs, you should set this to >=1000.


On Sep 14, 2004, at 10:01 AM, Ian Chesal wrote:

Actually, can someone offer up an explanation of this variable? If I set
it to 1 and submit 10 jobs will that mean that only one job at a time
from this submitter will ever execute? The comment in the default
condor_config file says that this controls the number of shadows

##  What's the maximum number of jobs you want a single submit machine
##  to spawn shadows for?
#MAX_JOBS_RUNNING       = 200

Does shadows == running jobs in condor-speak? Do I need to up this
number if I want users to be able to submit 1000+ jobs from a single
host and have them all run concurrently?


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This is definitly worth documenting someplace.


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defaultsto infinite

Peter F. Couvares wrote:
Ian Chesal wrote:
There's no reference to the default value for max_jobs_running the
6.7.1 documentation -- does this mean there is no default
max_jobs_running, which means the default is no limit on the number
of jobs running
the schedd?

Correct. The schedd enforces no limit by default.

Whoops, my apologies! The answer above is flat-out wrong. (Thanks for Erik for pointing it out.)

If MAX_JOBS_RUNNING is undefined (which it is in the config file by
default), the schedd defaults internally to 200.


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