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[Condor-users] Condor priority model


I've just got a brief question about the priority system. This afternoon the situation on our local cluster the situation looked like this (I shrinked the output a bit, the columns are: effective priority, real priority, number of jobs currently running, hours used so far)

condor_userprio -all -allusers

Y@cluster      21.68  21.68   2  64348.11
B@cluster      82.24  82.24   0  80052.14
S@cluster   47254.34  47.25  53  63419.34
Me@cluster 186124.47 186.12 304 129802.05

The strange thing which hit me (Me@cluster) here was, that user Y submitted a cluster with 500 jobs and only 2 of them were running (although all nodes in the cluster should match the job requirements [1]). If I understand the priority model correctly, as soon as my jobs finish a job from Y should be started until the ratio between Y's jobs and my jobs (plus the other scheduled jobs represent the effective priority) - but my jobs kept on being started instead of the jobs from Y queuing up.

Anyone reading this here, who can point me to a possible solution/trick?


PS: I don't mind that my jobs are actually running, but I just thought it to be unfair ;)

[1] After I put my cluster on hold, user Y got 310 VMs