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[Condor-users] Windows office LAN setup

Trying to setup condor on a few test machines in our office. Installation goes without a hitch, and condor_status on the master scheduler system reports the two local cpus. However, setting up on any other machine and the system reports: "CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <???.???.???.???:9618 >" (where the ? is the ip of our Internet gateway/firewall). I'm not surprised at all sinse condor install asks for our domain, it is clearly doing a domain name look up and routing all traffic through the Internet. Clearly this will fail since our firewall will disallow any such traffic. Even if we run condor on more then one site we would run it through a VPN.

This seems like it would be an FAQ question, but I've yet to find any info on it. The obvious question is: How can we setup Condor to run on our LAN, i.e. completely behind our firewall. Do I put in an address such as, or whatever the LAN IP is for the master scheduler, in the UID_DOMAIN?

Thanks in advance for you help.