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Re: [Condor-users] Windows office LAN setup

Kewley, J (John) wrote:

This seems like it would be an FAQ question, but I've yet to find any info on it. The obvious question is: How can we setup Condor to run on our LAN, i.e. completely behind our firewall. Do I put in an address such as, or whatever the LAN IP is for the master scheduler, in the UID_DOMAIN?

If everything is inside your private network, then you should be OK (the big problem is if some are inside and some outside).

UID_DOMAIN is used for working out whether the same person has logins on all
machines in the pool, I don't think that'll be your problem.

In the condor_config.local file on each machine, it should say what its
network address is.
Are they the private network addresses?

condor_config.local has no IP/domainname/machine name anywhere in any of the files. Under what tag would I be looking?

Also, what is the value of CONDOR_HOST in your config files?

"ID5" the name of the machine hosting the master scheduler. Should I change this to the LAN IP of that machine?


Thanks, j