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RE: [Condor-users] Shadow Exception !!!

> Hi,
>   It looks like you have a file permissions problem writing 
> to the log file. If you are running as condor. Make sure 
> condor owns all the files and directories.

[assuming vanilla universe]

Perhaps more generally, the user that your condor process runs as will 
need to be able to read your input files and either create (if they don't
or write to (if they do) your log, error and output files.

Giving Condor ownership to all these may not be the best way of doing this.
2 alternatives:
* give write access to all to the directory the files are created in, and
remove outputs,
  logs and errors from previous run before rerunning
* give write access to all to the outputs, logs and errors as well as the
  they are in

Note settings for UID_DOMAIN and FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN may have an affect on the
applicability of the above as well.