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[Condor-users] Flocking Grids Together...

Hello all!

Glad to be part of your list.  Here at Lehigh, we have 2 condor grids we would
like to flock together, but were a little lost as to the actual way to go about
doing this.  heres what weve got going on...

public condor consisting of IRIX and Linux boxes appox 65 nodes in all, which is
21 Linux nodes and 44 IRIX nodes.

semipublic condor grid consisting of 20 linux Nodes.

now i stress that the 2nd is 'semi' public, because while you can ssh into these
machines, our university uses AFS to authenticate and transfer userfiles, and
these machines DO NOT have afs running on them.

so ideally we would like these semipublic nodes to be able to be seen and used
int he public condor grid, and the public grid usable from the semipublic grid.

(if you follow)

Were a little lost on how to actually get this done, so that globally all users
will always have the ability to submit jobs to all these machines, not a flock
on a job by job basis.

is this possible? any help in getting started would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Balgach
Lehigh University

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