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[Condor-users] How to configure a Condor pool

Hi Everybody,
I have just joined your World of Condor....
Actually i wants to make a Condor Pool consisting of some P.c's on a lan..All i did i have downloaded condor-6.6.6-winnt50-xb6 and installed it on  windows XP..I made the machine my central manager ...
During the installation i also selected that some other machines will also join this pool, and the email address i select for reporting problems is amit_anand78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and SMTP as Windows...
This Domain name i selected is ${FULL_HOSTNAME}
This installation completes successfully ...I made my pool name as PPL.
Now when i am going to install it on some other machine on the lan...
It is giving that some unusual error occured ...On this machine i also selected the name of my central manager which is the first machine...with the same email id and SMTP as Windows...and domain name as ${FULL_HOSTNAME}..
So can anyone please help me how to configure the Condor pool on windows network...
Is the problem in selecting the email id and the SMTP and the domain name ??
Also i have submitted a job from my central manager machine 
On executing condor_q it is showing 1 job ...But idle when i will see
the job running??
So please somebody help me in configuring a condor pool on a windows network....
waiting for a positive response form somebody???
Thanking You
-Amit Anand