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[Condor-users] PVM for OS X/Win32?


I'm new to the world of Condor, as it was suggested by a professor as a method for building a low-cost renderfarm using distributed resources. So far, I've build up a ghetto 3-machine pool (2x i386-Debian + 1x PPC-OSX with a USparc-Solaris box on the way) and it's functional, but I would think that in order to truly parallelize the rendering I'd have to use the PVM contrib module, which does not exist for OS X or Win32 in the 6.6.6 release. PVM does support OS X and Win32, so I'm curious if there are any plans to create the appropriate modules for Condor?

Also, I was wondering as to why the Condor source is no longer available? I know it's possible to request it, but it's not public. Was this a security measure?


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