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RE: [Condor-users] condor_q -io has no data?

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> From: John Wheez [mailto:john@xxxxxxxxxx]
> I'm interested in seeing how much network traffic is being 
> generated by 
> my condor submits so i thought i'd issue a condor_q -io to 
> see...when i 
> do this i get a message sayin no i/o data has been collected.
> ...
> I'm running in vanilla universe, my pool master is a linux machine 
> running condor 6.7.1
> pool clients are windows XP & 2000 running condor 6.7.1

According to the man pages for condor_q:
"-goodput, -cputime, and -io are most useful for STANDARD universe jobs,
 since they rely on values computed when a job checkpoints." 

I don't know if any values do get produced for vanilla jobs, maybe someone
else can comment.