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Re: [Condor-users] flocking: trying to connect directly to theprivatenetwork

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

I was under the impression that Condor would tackle this problem natively -
by flocking.  But now I'm confused by what flocking means - if it's
marshalling files between whole pools or only between two machines.

One interesting thing I did other day is to issue a
NETWORK_INTERFACE =   (which is INADDR_ANY in netinet/in.h anyway).
It's been working very well so far and makes my head node listen to all
network interfaces, both the external and the internal.

I've seen GCB and DPF from Sechang - but do you think they are stable enough
to deploy in production mode?


Hi Henrique,

Those viznodes are going to have to talk to your submit node, which will
not be possible with their private IP addresses because I'm betting that
the head node is not performing IP masquerading on their behalf, right?
Another alternative is to run a GCB instance on the head node, though I
haven't actually done this myself. See the following link for details:


The way we do it is to give all nodes in our Condor "world" certain
"private" addresses that are routable within our domain (hence local
routers need to be suitably configured). Then the head node has IP
forwarding activated as well as being an ARP proxy. This then acts as the
gateway for the cluster nodes, and it all works well.