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Re: [Condor-users] Special characters in submit file

On Wed September 29 2004 9:59 am, Maria Zeniou wrote:
> Hi, 
Hello Maria,

> i have a problem using condor for Simplescalar simulations. 
> Several simulations require the use of less-than sign (<)  for the
> input file
> for example i have:  sim-fast equake.ss < equake-inp.in
> I have tried a lot of different ways of writing the submit file, but
> none of them seems to be working. Is there a way of letting condor
> know that < is just part of the arguments for my executable?

Is there any reason that you can't specify "equake-inp.in" as the input file, 
something like this:

universe = vanilla
executable = sim-fast
arguments = equake.ss
input = equake-inp.in
output = <whatever>


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