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Re: [Condor-users] Dynamic Custom Resources in Condor


Just to second Derek's statement. Yes, we are very much aware of the need for supporting custom resources in Condor. We have been doing design work and started to do some of the ground work needed. In the mean time, please send us your requirements and wishes. Given the structure of our funding, requests for such a feature from the scientific users of Condor are most welcome!


 At 11:24 AM 8/3/2005, you wrote:

On Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:13:42 +0200  "Horvatth Szabolcs" wrote:

> Are there any plans for Condor to support a more general license /
> dynamic Class Ad management in the future? Using software licenses
> is a very general problem and it was a topic on the forum many
> times.

yes, there are plans.  at this point, it's still in the design phase.
therefore, it'll be a while[1] before it will be implemented and
released.  however, we know it's important, and we'd like to have a
real solution since many people grapple with it.  so, i'm guessing
sometime in the 6.9.x development series it'll be out.


1. never quote a condor-team member on a specific date for anything :)

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