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Re: [Condor-users] Dynamic Custom Resources in Condor

Are there any plans for Condor to support a more general license / dynamic Class Ad 
management in the future? Using software licenses is a very general problem and it was
a topic on the forum many times. 

By the way I found a strange flag for condor_status: condor_status -license
that is not documented and does not output anything for me. (Using Condor 6.7.8.)


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On 8/2/2005 at 4:39 PM Dan Bradley wrote:

>You want to use the startd "cron" functionality.  Here's a post that 
>describes it:
>--Dan Bradley
>Ben Rogers wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are in the process of replacing PBS Pro at our site with Condor. 
>> However I am running into an issue that I haven't yet been able to 
>> resolve. The problem is related to Class Ads and custom resources 
>> advertised by a certain machine.
>> In reading the manual I have seen how we can specify a new static 
>> resource/attribute for a machine to advertise; but we would like to 
>> have a script on the machine called at some given interval to refresh 
>> the state of that resource (in much the same way that condor 
>> constantly polls to see what the machine load is). Is it possible for 
>> me to call a script from within the condor configuration file?
>> We were using a system similar to this with PBS Pro where we had a 
>> script that checked to see how many Matlab licenses were left on our 
>> flexlm server, if there were enough licenses then the resource would 
>> be advertised as available and a job would run, otherwise it would 
>> have to wait until licenses were available.
>> Any thoughts or information regarding this problem would be greatly 
>> appreciated.
>> Ben Rogers
>> Systems Administrator
>> Dept. of Psychiatry
>> University of Iowa