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RE: [Condor-users] problem starting condor in init.d

> I do have a local config file in
> /opt/condor-6.7.9/local.HOSTNAME/condor_config.local
> HOSTNAME is usually something like compute-0-0
> this used to work with the previous version I was using 6.6.8 but I
> probably messed something up when upgrading. I am wondering why upon
> installation it is now using the "localhost" even though the correct
> directory of local.compute-0-0 is there with a condor_config.local
> in it.

What IP is condor binding too? Maybe it's not binding to your network
NIC and is instead falling on to -- which would map to
localhost. Also, check that you can resolve the hostname of this IP
properly. If DNS isn't setup than localhost becomes the hostname.

- Ian