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RE: [Condor-users] condor_compile a shell script

> I condor_compile a bash script ( sh_loop in example ) but it said
> "Internal
> ld was not invoked"
> I have fully installed condor compile (change ld to condor ld) and
> the
> FAQ - "When I use condor_ compile to produce a job, I get an error
> says, "Internal ld was not invoked!". What does this mean?"
> but it doesn't mention about the error with shell script ...
> So, does anyone have the experience about condor_compiling  a shell

You cannot compile a shell script with condor_compile. See:


You can use condor_compile with the following compilers:

gcc, g++, g77, cc, acc, c89, CC, f77, fort77, ld, pgcc, pgf77, pgf90, or

So you have to write in a language supported by one of those compilers.
None of them support bash.

To use the sh_loop example simply type:

	condor_submit sh_loop.cmd

You'll need to have bash in your path on your startd node for the
sh_loop script to execute properly.

- Ian