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[Condor-users] Submit and Run job with ClassAd!

Hi there,

I would like to run some job through Condor, but when I submit my job(i. e.
condor_submit io.cmd) it keep on "Idle" by long time or never run. I also
submit throught globus(globusrun-ws) and happen same thing, the job stop on
"Pending" state.  I didn't set up requeriments or ClassAd in none
configuration file of Condor. Can this error be bad specification of
How can I run my jobs without to use ClassAd? Is there ClassAd specification
default of the condor 6.7.7? If yes, what is file defined the specification
ClassAd? Why does my job be idle by long time?

When I execute the command "condor_q -analyze" appear following: "...1 match
but reject the job for unknown reasons..."


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