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[Condor-users] Bug in condor_dagman 6.7.10 for Windows

We've just found out about a Windows-specific bug in the version 6.7.10
condor_dagman:  condor_dagman won't work for DAGs with nodes having
absolute log file paths.

So if you're running Windows, use DAGMan, and there's any chance that you
have absolute log file paths in any of your DAG nodes, you should keep
the 6.7.9 condor_dagman and condor_submit_dag if you upgrade to Condor
6.7.10.  Note that there's no problem running a 6.7.9 condor_dagman
on a 6.7.10 Condor installation.  To do this, just save the 6.7.9
condor_dagman.exe and condor_submit_dag.exe before you upgrade, and
then copy them back into the bin directory after the upgrade.

Here are the DAGMan-related changes between 6.7.9 and 6.7.10:

# condor_dagman can now run multiple DAGs in separate directories.

DAGMAN_CONDOR_RM_EXE , and DAGMAN_STORK_RM_EXE configuration settings to
specify the condor_ submit, stork_ submit, condor_ rm, and stork_ rm
executables used by condor_ dagman. If unset (which they are by default),
condor_ dagman looks for each in the PATH.

# Fixed a bug in condor_ dagman which would cause a node's POST script not
to be run

# Fixed a bug whereby condor_dagman could crash after executing the POST
script of a node whose Condor job had never been successfully submitted
due to repeated condor_ submit failures.

# Improved some user-log-reading error messages in condor_dagman.

# Removed support for deprecated -NoPostFail option from condor_dagman.
(The same functionality can be achieved through the use of a simple POST

Kent Wenger
Condor Team