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RE: [Condor-users] condor_submit problems

> i'm trying to run one of the test jobs on condor on the local master
> for testing, but im having trouble starting it.
> i followed the instructions in the readme and added the folloing lines
> in the local configure file stored in /home/condor and did a reconfig.
> START : Owner == "your user name" || Owner == "condor"
> SUSPEND : False
> PREEMPT : False
> KILL : False
> first thing. when i try running condor_submit from
> /usr/local/condor/examples it gives me the following error.
> WARNING: Invalid log file:
> do i have to chown and chgrp all files and folders in the condor
> directory to condor rather than root?

Two things: 

a) I usually install condor so all the files/directories are owned by
user condor.  The only time I switch to root is to start the daemons.
For many things it doesn't matter, but things under $(LOCAL_DIR) do need
to be owned by user condor.  (For example, the $(LOG) directory contains
condor log files, and user condor has to write to those log files.)  But
don't worry, the installer should have taken care of this for you.

b) When submitting jobs, the user you submit your job as has to have
write permissions to the directory where the user log file is located.
(This is the user log, not the condor log I mentioned above.)  You of
course will need read permissions for the file you specified for 'input'
and write permissions for the files you specified for 'output' and
'error' in your submit file.

The easiest way to deal with this is to submit jobs from your home

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