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Re: [Condor-users] set the state of a job to completed

On Aug 12, 2005, at 11:09 AM, Horvatth Szabolcs wrote:

It sounds like what you really want is to modify the DAG as it
executes (to remove these queued nodes). DAGMan doesn't support this.

Sort of, since I'd also like to have dagman submit all child tasks of the completed job.

My problem is general is the following:
- Task A generates a lot of data and some of it is used by taskB that is a DAG child of task A.
- Task A sometimes does not exit properly, although the computation is done.
- If I restart task A by holding and releasing it it does the same, long computation again
(and it has the chance that is again does not terminate properly)
- I can't submit the child jobs of task A without having it completed.

You could wrap the job in a script the kills the program if it runs for too long and otherwise parrots back the program's exit code.

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