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[Condor-users] Transfer Files mechanism


Using a submit file like this one:

Executable = 1D.x
Universe = Vanilla
Output = results/1D/1D.out.$(CLUSTER).$(PROCESS)
Error = results/1D/1D.err.$(CLUSTER).$(PROCESS)
Log = results/1D/1D.log.$(CLUSTER)
Nice_User = True

Arguments = 1D.in.$(PROCESS) $(CLUSTER).$(PROCESS)
Transfer_Input_files = 1D.in.$(PROCESS)
Queue 10

and with a shared file system, will the input files be tranfered to the spool directory? And if so, when? At queue time? or at run time? The manual ( http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.7/2_5Submitting_Job.html ) isn't very clear on this aspect.
Should I be able to submit a cluster of jobs, modify the input files, resubmit another cluster, etc... and have each cluster have a different version of the input files? Is this the way to do it? Or should I just create several copies of the input files and have each cluster read a different set of files?
Thank you!

Bruno Goncalves

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