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re: [Condor-users] USB devices crisis...


Todd Tannenbaum writes:

 > Did you open this session on the console keyboard, or remotely over the
 > network via ssh etc ?  The issues discussed on the web page only relate to
 > physically local keyboard detection...  remote sessions are still detected.

I opened it on the console keyboard, so I guess I'm OK then?

 > IF you are using USB keyboards or mice, and you are using a 2.6 Linux kernel
 > or a kernel that has some 2.6 changes back-ported into a 2.4 kernel (as
 > redhat is sometimes known to do), detecting activity of your physically
 > attached USB devices is a problem because the kernel functionality Condor
 > relied upon to detect USB activity was removed in the 2.6 kernel.  Note
 > removal of this functionality was supposedly done for kernel "efficiency",
 > and has been hotly debated.
 > You can solve the problem by installing the kernel patch referenced on the
 > Condor web site.
 > If you cannot install the patch, or downgrade the kernel, or purchase PS/2
 > keyboards to replace your USB keyboards :), then we need to get creative.
 > Do your users typically use X windows when sitting at their machines?  If so,
 > perhaps we can come up with a solution.  The condor_kbdd daemon detects local
 > keyboard activity by monitoring the X11 server, and it informs Condor of any
 > activity it sees.  Typically we have used the condor_kbdd on platforms where
 > Condor cannot see keyboard activity via the kernel such as on Compaq Tru64.
 > I have no idea if the condor_kbdd works on Linux or not, but if it does, it
 > could solve the problem for folks using USB devices with the 2.6 Kernel who
 > refuse to install the kernel patch.
 > What linux distro are you using?  Specifically, what kernel version and what
 > X server?  (xfree86 or x.org version)

We are using RHEL3, kernel version is Linux version 2.4.21-4.EL
(bhcompile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), as reported by /proc/version

As per X I got "XFree86 version: 4.3.0" from xdpyinfo

Another question. In the config_file I got all the settings for
starting/resuming, etc. referring to KeyboardIdle, but I wonder if I should
change that to ConsoleIdle? I assume that KeyboardIdle only looks at the
keyboard while ConsoleIdle check at activity in either the mouse or the
keyboard? (We got CONSOLE_DEVICES	= mouse, console)

Angel de Vicente

PostDoc Software Support
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias