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Re: [Condor-users] Flocking - jobs matched but not started

On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 07:33 -0500, Zachary Miller wrote:
> > This is a test setup involving just 3 systems so I can control what is
> > happening a fair bit. I have modified the execution client to use
> > FULLDEBUG for the STARTD, and set SEC_DEBUG_PRINT_KEYS to true (the log
> > file kept mentioning it defaulting to false so I thought I'd change it
> > to see what else it showed). The client startlog shows:
> actually, what would be more useful is to turn on D_SECURITY and D_FULLDEBUG,
> or simply D_ALL.
> (FULLDEBUG is something of a misnomer... it isn't actually everything.  D_ALL
>  is everything...)
> if i could see the log snippets that show the "attempt to open invalid session"
> with more debugging info, i can help you solve your problem.
Well I'd like to oblige but I think the problem has gotten a bit worse!
The jobs are not being seen at all, but I suspect another problem has
somehow crept in.

I'm now getting in the NegotiatorLog (on the remote server):

8/19 16:03:22 Phase 4.1:  Negotiating with schedds ...
8/19 16:03:22   Negotiating with john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at
8/19 16:03:24 getpeername failed so connect must have failed
8/19 16:03:53 Connect failed for 30 seconds; returning FALSE
8/19 16:03:53     Failed to connect to <>
8/19 16:03:53   Error: Ignoring schedd for this cycle

I can see no problem with the systems so am unsure why it is having a
problem with getpeername. Heck it worked before lunch!


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