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[Condor-users] Small suggestion (was: Flocking - jobs matched but not started)

DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>

Just as an aside, permit me to cast one small vote in
favor of using host names - when available - instead of the IP addresses in such messages.

Using host names would be...
- ...easier on us humans (which is why we often use names
 instead of numbers, after all),
- ...consistent with the use of host names elsewhere
 in the log files, (eg: "ws-60-7" in
 "....attempt to open invalid session ws-60-7:231:1124383840:1,..."),
- ...consistent with the use of host names - not IP addresses -
 placed into config files.

(I hope such a change won't mess up anybody who might programatically scan the log files....?)

Humbly submitted for consideration,