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[Condor-users] Problem with cron jobs.

I would like to monitor my window machine by Hawkeye tool. My condor version is
6.6.7 (Oct 14 2004). I created some Hawkeye modules that are based on cygwin
commands. I added the following lines to the condor configuration file in order
to run these modules as startd cron jobs. 

## Configuration for Module memory
##      Monitors system memory usage
STARTD_CRON_JOBS = $(STARTD_CRON_JOBS) memory:ram_:memory.pl:10s:
##  Parameters for module memory:
## End of Configuration for Module memory

I sent the new configuration to the startd and then I checked that the startd
knows the new configuration variables (e.g. STARTD_CRON_JOBS) by the
condor_config_val command. But the startd didn't run any of these modules.
Therefore I switched the debug level of the startd log file to D_ALL and I saw
that the CronMgr's list is empty. Is it something wrong with this
configuration? Is there any other problem?