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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with cron jobs.

On Sun August 21 2005 10:01 am, noamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi

> I would like to monitor my window machine by Hawkeye tool. My condor
> version is 6.6.7 (Oct 14 2004). I created some Hawkeye modules that are
> based on cygwin commands. I added the following lines to the condor
> configuration file in order to run these modules as startd cron jobs.

When you "name" your cron, you then also change the job macro that it'll look 
for.  In your case, you'll want to do this:


In effect, by setting then "name" to "Hawkeye", you're telling it to use 
"HAWKEYE" instead of "STARTD_CRON" when looking up the other parameters.


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