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Re: [Condor-users] condor config on linux


first it has the problem unable to get the physical memory, after I set MEMORY=1024, it works fine.

This is a well-known bug in the Condor 6.6 series when you use a Linux 2.6 kernel. From my knowledge, this is fixed in the latest experimental releases (6.7.x) of Condor.

second, the job submitted from the master node doesn't run on the master node, is this the expected behavior? When installing condor on windows, there is a stage where you can config whether you want the machine to be submit node or execution node, but I couldn't find such step when installing condor on linux?

You must have an according DAEMON_LIST entry in your Condor configuration file. The following command under Linux might help:

condor_configure --type=submit,execute,manager