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[Condor-users] Chirp I/O problem - "chirp.config not defined"

I just finished installing Condor 6.7 on my machine and would like to do some testings on job submissions. I went to section 2.8 (using Java Universe) and was able to get through with the Hello.java example. When I try the second example, e.g. Chirp I/O, after including the Chirp.jar file into my CLASSPATH, I got the following error:

$ javac TestChirp.java
$ java TestChirp
Exception in thread "main" edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpError: Chirp: system property chirp.config is not defined!
at edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpClient.<init>(ChirpClient.java:50)
at edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpInputStream.<init>(ChirpInputStream.java:46)
at TestChirp.main(TestChirp.java:9)

I cannot find the chirp.config anywhere on my system. Please let me know if I miss anything.


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