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Re: [Condor-users] Chirp I/O problem - "chirp.config not defined"


The file chirp.config is created at runtime by the Condor starter before it runs the job. This file contains connection information used by the chirp client to communicate with the starter. If you include +WantIOProxy=True in your Condor submit file, then the file chirp.config will be created.

General Chirp information:



duane waktu wrote:

I just finished installing Condor 6.7 on my machine and would like to do some testings on job submissions. I went to section 2.8 (using Java Universe) and was able to get through with the Hello.java example. When I try the second example, e.g. Chirp I/O, after including the Chirp.jar file into my CLASSPATH, I got the following error:

$ javac TestChirp.java
$ java TestChirp
Exception in thread "main" edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpError: Chirp: system property chirp.config is not defined!
at edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpClient.<init>(ChirpClient.java:50)
at edu.wisc.cs.condor.chirp.ChirpInputStream.<init>(ChirpInputStream.java:46)

       at TestChirp.main(TestChirp.java:9)

I cannot find the chirp.config anywhere on my system. Please let me know if I miss anything.


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