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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Linux authenticating against Active Directory?

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 02:42:17PM +0000, Dan Swan wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been asked to have a look at integrating Condor on Linux with
> Active Directory.  I have found a thread relating to this:
> http://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2004-November/msg00233.shtml
> suggesting that this does not work due to Condor having statically
> compiled versions of the MIT Kerberos V5 1.2.5 libraries, whereas
> something in the 1.3+ range is needed.
> I notice that 6.7.3 is still built against 1.2.7, is there a roadmap
> or timeframe for moving to a 1.3 version of the libraries?

condor will be moved to 1.3.x in the 6.7 series, but as you pointed out
it hasn't happened yet.  it won't make it into 6.7.4 but should be in