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RE: [Condor-users] Condor and Fedora Core 3, custom attributes

as for the fedora thing, I haven't installed it yet, since I wanted to check if there was known issues that could prevent it to work.
tx for the tip, I will check the attrib are correctly set.
Also, I did try to use STARTD_EXPRS and somehow the attributes still wasn't showing up.
once thoses added in STARTD_EXPRS, I have start/stop the condor service under windows and ran a condor_reconfig -startd to make sure the config file would be re-read.
is there other STARTD_* vars I need to change to get this to work.
JK, Tx in advance for the help.

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You need to "export" your custom attributes by adding them to STARTD_EXPRS (comma separated)
Also, I think Fedora core 3 uses a 2.6 kernel, so you may have to hard-wire the MEMORY, hyperthreading
and/or number of processor attributes (sorry I can't remember the names off-hand). This may depend on which
version of Condor you are using as the problems I am alluding to may now be fixed. If you do
condor_status, do you get the correct number of entries that you expect?
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Subject: [Condor-users] Condor and Fedora Core 3, custom attributes

Hello Guys!

This is my first post on the list.

I want to deploy Condor on a dual proc Xeon with Fedora core 3 I have checked the glib version which seems to be 2.3 on FC3 So, I downloaded Condor for glib 2.3/red hat 9
I wanted to check if:

A) this was the right version to use for Fedora? ( I think it is )
B) is there known do's and don’t about Condor on FC3?

Also, my Condor setup will be driving a software which as several licensing capabilities, such that license X goes on machine X and license Y goes on machine Y.
the licensing scheme used by this software is floating scheme, such I can decide what machine runs what. I want to be able to encode
some custom flags to use it during submit process.
I been looking in was to define custom attributes that could be used as requirements during a submit, for example

HasSoftwareA_FeatureA = true
HasSoftwareA_FeatureB = true
HasSoftwareB = true

I have added the attributs to my config file or config local file, and somehow none of those attributes show up in condor_status -l hostname
I have tried to use condor_config_val ( while making sure the config file allow such thing ) and I still get get my custom attributes to show up.
The documentation does mention about custom software caps, but it was unclear if it was an hardcoded attribute or a custom one.

Seems like I am missing something obvious ;)

Tx guys for the help.