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Re: [Condor-users] quoting of globusrsl string ?

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Siegfried Goericke wrote:

> but it is possible to expand a macro or var in the rsl string before the
> rsl string passed to the remote condor?
> for instance I have two condor pools and and must pass the names of the
> input files correctly
> in condor-G(only one executable ==> only one cluster):
> transfer_input_files = in.$(process)
> the file staged in correctly pool1: in.0, in.1    pool2: in.3, in.4
> but in the rsl string I have the problem to pass the correct
> transfer_input_files and argument statement to the remote condor?

I'm not sure I understand. Any occurrences of $(process) in your submit
file will be expanded when you submit the job to Condor-G. If you set
transfer_input_files for the remote condor pool the same as you do for the
local condor-g submit, it should work. Globus should be smart enough to
set the remote transfer_input_files for you, but that's a different
matter. You shouldn't have to set arguments for the remote condor in
addition to setting them for the local condor-g submit.

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