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[Condor-users] how to get a working mpich ?

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Hi  everyone !

I would like to run MPI Jobs on our condor machines, but i am still
struggeling. My problem is that i need a mpich 1.2.[234] to compile my
software (as far as i understand).

The problem is that all these verions are quite old, and i can't make
them compile. 1.2.4 fails during make testing:

**** Testing I/O functions ****
c074 : So Feb  6 17:55:01 CET 2005
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/bin/mpicc  -c simple.c
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/bin/mpicc  -o simple simple.o 
/tmp/mpi/mpich-1.2.4/lib/libpmpich.a(getpname.o)(.text+0x13): In
function `PMPI_Get_processor_name':
: undefined reference to `MPID_Node_name'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [simple] Error 1
Could not build executable simple; aborting tests
make[2]: [testing] Error 1 (ignored)
End of testing in directory io
Running tests in directory command
End of testing in directory command

I didn't use any fancy options:
./configure -f90=/usr/global/intel_fc80/bin/ifc -rsh=/usr/bin/ssh
- --enable-f90modules -prefix=/usr/global/mpi-1.2.4 && make && make

The machines are running Mandrake 10.0: uname  -a
Linux c074 2.6.3-25mdk #1 Fri Jan 14 04:48:22 MST 2005 i686 unknown
unknown GNU/Linux

Even though mpich fails here, i can compile and run the simplempi.c from
the conor manual, but i can't run the simpleio.c from the mpi examples:
/usr/global/mpi-1.2.4/bin/mpicc -o simpleio simpleio.o 
/usr/global/mpi-1.2.4/lib/libpmpich.a(getpname.o)(.text+0x16): In
function `PMPI_Get_processor_name':
: undefined reference to `MPID_Node_name'
collect2: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurÃck
distcc[26514] ERROR: compile (null) on localhost failed
make: *** [simpleio] Fehler 1
Any hints how to get a working mpich ?

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