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RE: [Condor-users] keyboardIdle under windows XP / suspend timeout

| Try redoing your test by using
|      condor_status -direct (hostname)
| or by changing the value of the UPDATE_INTERVAL in the config 
| file to 10 or so, thus telling the startd to update the 
| collector every 10 seconds instead of after 5 minutes.  Don't 
| forget to do run the condor_reconfig command after a change 
| to the config file (or restart condor).

Excellent, it works. Tx
That could explains why submitted job got started about 5 minutes after
Even if the START requirement involved 10 second keyboardIdle state
before jobs starts
Seems like you answered another question at the same time, tx ;)

| See section 3.6 of the Condor ver 6.6 manual for the details you seek.
| Basically, the job will stay suspended until either the 
| CONTINUE or PREEMPT expression in the config file evaluates 
| to true.  Again, read section 3.6.1 thru 3.6.10 in the 
| manual.  It is a little complicated, but not too bad once you 
| get the feel of it, and it is very flexible.

Funny, I have read this section, I guess it was too late and 
skipped some parts... ;) Tx Todd!