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re: [Condor-users] keyboardIdle under windows XP / suspend timeout

"Dave Lajoie" <dlajoie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>      [Condor-users] condor_view server running wild
>    Hello Everyone!
> I really enjoy Condor and truely see the  power behind this software!

Glad to hear it, and welcome!

> I starting to handle job Suspension and  preempting and running into some problems  now.
> a) on my windows XP, I started a timed loop  which triggers condor_status -l hostname, the keyboardIdle and  consoleIdlealways stays to 0 event if I dont touch keyboard and mouse. (  even unconnected the mouse ).

Realize that by default, condor_status will query the central manager (specifically the condor_collector process) for the status of the node, and further realize by default the machine (specifically the condor_startd) will only send updated status info to the collector when the machine state changes or   periodically every 5 minutes or so.  So even thoough Condor may be doing the correct thing, you may be misled by your test unless you ran it for more than 5 minutes without a keypress or mouse movement.

Try redoing your test by using
     condor_status -direct (hostname)
or by changing the value of the UPDATE_INTERVAL in the config file to 10 or so, thus telling the startd to update the collector every 10 seconds instead of after 5 minutes.  Don't forget to do run the condor_reconfig command after a change to the config file (or restart condor).

> is there a known bug with 6.6.8?

Not with keyboard detection.  Try one of the above suggestions.

> b) I have been searching the web and the  documentation, I could not find if there was a timeout for a suspended  job.
> does it use the KILL expression  tokill asuspended job? or is there a timeout variable I should be  using?

See section 3.6 of the Condor ver 6.6 manual for the details you seek.

Basically, the job will stay suspended until either the CONTINUE or PREEMPT expression in the config file evaluates to true.  Again, read section 3.6.1 thru 3.6.10 in the manual.  It is a little complicated, but not too bad once you get the feel of it, and it is very flexible.

> Tx a lot

Sure, hope this gets you off in the right direction.


Todd Tannenbaum, Condor Project
Department of Computer Science, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
Email: tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx - Ph: 608 263 7132