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RE: [Condor-users] Condor_exec.exe +Cygwin

Hi Matt,

How can I call the cygwin shell script(named : validation) from the
executable .bat?

Can you help me(give me an example of such .bat executable) ?

Thanks in advance.


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On Tue, 8 Feb 2005 13:36:29 +0100, Ramzi KHASKHOUSSI
<ramzi.khaskhoussi@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have condor 6.6.7 installed on my windows machines, I have an 
> application that uses Cygwin1.5.11. I resolved the problem of 
> directories and file transfer by writing a shell scripts that works 
> fine under cygwin.
> But , After submitting the job in the vanilla universe from the cygwin 
> bash shell, and when executing the job on the remote machine there is 
> a big problem because condor cannot execute condor_exec.exe that is 
> generated on the remote machine in the directory 
> c:/condor/execute/dir_.. And it generates this error:
>                                " C:\condor\execute\dir_276\condor~1.exe
>                                The NTVDM CPU has encountred an illegal 
> instruction.
>                                CS:06c2 IP:0115 OP:63 2d 76 61 6c 
> choose close to terminate the application "
> I give here my sub file:
>                                Executable = validation
>                                Universe = vanilla
>                                getenv = true
>                                Output = validation.out
>                                Error = validation.err
>                                Log = validation.log
>                                should_transfer_files = YES
>                                when_to_transfer_output = ALWAYS
>                                Requirements = ((memory > 0)||(OpSys ==
> "WINNT50"))
>                                Queue
> NB: The executable 'validation' is a shell script that locally works 
> fine on cygwin1.5.11!

problem - how does condor know that it should run this via cygwin (to be
more exact by bash)

solution - don't bother trying, to make condor do it, do it yourself 

Ensure cygwin's executable directory is always installed ina common
location. Use a bat (not bash) executable This should set the path to
include cygwin and then execute the shell script (transfered via the input
files setting) via bash ... (alternately set cygwin's location directly via
environment=PATH=<blah> but you still need the bat calling shell script to

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