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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and Pov-Ray Cross Platform?

I'm sure it is doable.

I have a mac,linux,windows mixture and am able to send off my maya,shake renders to multiple os types....the major trick is setting up your network corretly so that file paths are understandable by all Os's.

you'll find you will want to write yourself some sort of render submission tool to overcome text editing condor scripts and executing condor commands.


Stuart Bowness wrote:

Hi All,

Just gathering some information for a little project I'm doing work on. I'm wondering if anyone has used condor for rendering a pov-ray scene? I'm just wondering about the feasibility of doing the job in a cross-platform manner (mac os x, linux, windows). I know that Condor is supported on all these platforms, and I'm just wondering how do-able this is.

Thanks much,

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