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re: [Condor-users] Condor and Pov-Ray Cross Platform?

Stuart Bowness <stuart@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi All,
>Just gathering some information for a little project I'm doing work on. 
>I'm wondering if anyone has used condor for rendering a pov-ray scene? 

Absolutely.  We have used povray in the standard universe (with remote system calls, checkpointing).  For demos in years gone by, we have also written scripts that can take a povray still or animation, partition it into an arbitrary number of jobs (tiling if it is a still), and submit to condor.

>I'm just wondering about the feasibility of doing the job in a 
>cross-platform manner (mac os x, linux, windows).

We have done that as well is past demos, no problems I can recall...


 I know that Condor is 
>supported on all these platforms, and I'm just wondering how do-able 
>this is.
>Thanks much,
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