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Re: [Condor-users] Dagman & Job Priorities


I believe Condor's 40-slot queue priority range was design to mimic the unix process priority range -- but I agree this can be constraining, and I'm not sure it makes sense anymore. I had already planned to look into whether it would be difficult to expand, or whether there are any good reasons not to... I'll let you know.



On Feb 9, 2005, at 6:12 AM, SILBERSTEIN MARK wrote:

The problem with solution to add job priorities is a hard one, mainly due
to the fact that Condor has only 40 priority levels for jobs ( is there
any explanation why that??? ). If it was possible to put any
integer as a priority, this would definitely help, since then every DAG
and its jobs would get its own priority level, enforcing correct FIFO
order ( except for boundaries ). With only 40 priorities available one
should handle a watchdog to monitor and increase periodically
priorities of all the jobs in the DAG, after all jobs of another DAG
finished ( i.e. say you have 3 dags running dag A - prio 1, dag B - prio2,
dag C prio 3. when dag A completes, you move dag B to prio 1, and dag C to
prio 2 ). This is not trivial at all.

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