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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and Itanium

Maybe you already now that there are 'real' DEBCONF-based Debian packages for Condor X86 available:


*We are still looking for a Debian sponsor to bring the packages to the "non-free" section of the Debian repository:


It should be relatively easy to extend the packaging for the support of the other platforms, based on the pre-compiled versions from the Condor download page. Volunteers with a Debian installation on such architectures (IA64, PowerPC, Sparc, Alpha, PA RISC) are highly welcome.


Peter Troeger.

Since there is now Debian Sarge support for i386 (which basically is a
re-labelled RedHat glibc23 release), what about support for other
platforms running Debian Sarge?

Moreover, are there any news about the "going Open Source" announced two
years ago? (you see that this question is closely connected to my first
one above...)