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[Condor-users] Requirements expretion !! getting crazy

Hello, I need some help

I'm using the folowing Requirement expretion in the configuration file of condor

# 1) For a job to run in this node it must have defined the attributes
JobStartTime and JobRunTime
# 2) The total time expected for the job to run (JobRunTime) must be
smaller than JobRunTime must be
#    smaller than the maxium time alowed for a job to run
(NodeMaxRunTime) in the node,
# 3) The job start time must be in an interval, that is [CurrentTime -
Delta, CurrentTime + Delta]
#    Now check wath the delta is - check the clock variance in the nodes, 
#    check the worst case since the submit, negotiate cycle, startd,
to check the time delays ...

Delta           = 5 * $(MINUTE)
NodeMaxRunTime  = 15 * $(MINUTE)

Requirements    =   (TARGET.JobStartTime =!= UNDEFINED) &&
                    && (TARGET.JobRunTime <= $(NodeMaxRunTime)) \
                    && ((CurrentTime - $(Delta)) <=
TARGET.JobStartTime && (CurrentTime + $(Delta)) >=

But, if I submit a job with out the atributes TARGET.JobStartTime or
TARGET.JobRunTime  the job runs in the nodes ... This should'nt happen

am I doing any thing wrong ?